JOIN US ON SUNDAY MORNINGS (10:15 AM) for a ten-lesson course taught by Pastor Don Ginkel on basic New Testament Christianity, called “I Have Good News for You.” This study is for those who do not know the Lord and for those who do, but would like to know Him better. The course uses NIV text. Each lesson has a closing prayer, hymn, daily Bible reading schedule, and challenging worksheet questions which summarize the main points in the lesson. 


Lesson 1:   About A God Who Cares For You
Lesson 2:   About A Bible Which Guides And Frees You
Lesson 3:   About A Savior Who Saves You
Lesson 4:   About A Spirit Who Converts You
Lesson 5:   About A Washing Which Cleanses You
Lesson 6:   About A Meal Which Feeds You
Lesson 7:   About A Devotional Life Which Blesses You
Lesson 8:   About Keys Which Lock And Unlock
Lesson 9:   About A Stewardship Life Which Is Fully Committed
Lesson 10: About A Life Which Never Ends