St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church North Plato was organized as a congregation in August of 1884. At that time, parish charter members purchased an existing church building that was not in use. It sits at the corner of Route 47 and Plank Road. Services were held every third Sunday afternoon. Over the years, a number of improvements were made to the building, including the addition of a steeple in 1899.

However, over the decades, the congregation grew and that building no longer suited our needs. We then purchased land in 1994 across the road and began building a larger building (the present-day building at 43W301 Plank Road). The first worship service there was held on April 23, 1995.

In 1995, St. Peter's started Little Saints Preschool, which is still operating today. LSP has a current enrollment of 29 children, ages 3 through Pre-Kindergarten.