If you like baseball, then you'll love Dartball. Men and women 18 years and older are invited to learn the basics of dartball and compete with men from other area LCMS congregations within our District. No experience is necessary.

The league was formed:

  • To foster fellowship and fun for men within their Lutheran congregation.
  • To encourage cooperation and fellowship between congregations.
  • To provide an opportunity to introduce men to an authentic and active saving faith in Jesus.
  • It is unique from other sports oriented leagues in that…
  • It does not require any real athleticism or fitness level to participate.
  • there is little startup cost for equipment and materials.
  • It lends itself to intergenerational camaraderie.
  • It doesn’t require a large playing field or gymnasium that has to be rented.
  • It is fun.
  • It is addictive.
  • No internet connection required!

If you would like any information about dartball, please contact St. Peter's at 847.464.5721.

Dartball is a game in which 7-inch darts are thrown at a large wooden board that resembles a baseball field, with colored areas which denote bases. Dartball uses baseball-like rules and scoring.

Dartball rules and board configurations vary from league to league, but generally teams comprise either seven or nine players plus possible alternates. Dartball teams are usually formed by Lutheran churches, often playing their games during fall and winter months in church basements or common areas. Most leagues end their seasons with championship tournaments held at local high school gymnasiums.

Dartball games can be very competitive. Just as in baseball, the opposing team and its supporters may attempt to distract the "batter." Each match includes three individual nine-inning games, with the exception of tie games, in which extra inning games are played. In some leagues,